We turn B2B startups into industry giants.

Turn your hidden gem into a market forerunner with a powerful brand message and influential content.


Are you up against large, legacy companies?

Getting attention isn’t easy. But the effects of not having it are huge. Do you…

  • Feel overshadowed by industry giants?
  • Struggle with a brand message that doesn’t resonate?
  • Rely heavily on costly ads and gated content for audience engagement?
  • Lack a dedicated audience and impactful content?
  • Find content creation overwhelming and resource-intensive?
If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone – and more importantly, we can help. We’ll help you navigate the road from being an underdog to becoming a recognized market leader. 


We help B2B startups punch above their weight class.

Choose the path that’s right for you.

Build a lean, revenue-driven marketing function from scratch.

Starting a business is exciting, and establishing a lean, revenue-focused marketing function is key to that excitement turning into lasting success. With this service, we provide you with a tailor-made, efficient, and laser-focused marketing setup that's designed to boost your revenue and give you a solid foundation for growth.

We focus on crafting a compelling brand message that resonates with your market, ensuring that every word speaks to your audience and drives them to action. It's not just about making noise - it's about making the right kind of noise. And, of course, we provide your sales team with the knowledge and confidence they need to deliver this message effectively.

This comprehensive approach means that by the end of our partnership, you'll be the clear thought leader in your industry, consistently generating more demand, opening more deals, and ranking as the #1 company in your category in the minds of your buyers.

Build a media brand to drive organic growth.

Elevate your brand from a business to a beacon with this offering. We harness the power of narrative, thought leadership, and multimedia content to position your company as an industry authority. It's a dynamic shift that invites organic growth and nurtures lasting brand loyalty.

In this transformative process, we identify and amplify the thought leaders within your ranks. Their unique voices foster community, spark insightful dialogues, and accelerate brand visibility. But more importantly, they become the magnetic pull that brings your target market to your doorstep.

But we don't stop at thought leadership. We tap into the dynamic world of multimedia, carving a unique space for your brand in the bustling podcasting landscape. By bringing influential figures from your industry onto this platform, we enhance your credibility and extend your reach even further.

All of this culminates in your brand becoming a media entity in its own right - a resource hub that your target market trusts and turns to. You're no longer just another business; you're a media brand, an industry leader, and a trusted name. That's organic growth with lasting impact.

Build your custom mix of our services.

Your business is unique and you need a marketing strategy that reflects just that. You're not about one-size-fits-all solutions, and neither are we.

Here's what we can do for you:

  1. Brand Messaging Development: We create compelling narratives that echo your brand's unique value and strongly resonate with your market.

  2. Podcast Production & Promotion: We highlight your industry authority by featuring well-known industry figures and expanding your audience reach.

  3. Executive Thought Leadership Development: We shape your executive presence into a beacon that engages audiences and attracts a thriving follower base.

  4. Email Newsletter Services: We design engaging email newsletters that not only inform but excite your audience, fostering stronger connections.

  5. Educational Video Production: We help you become an industry resource with a library of insightful educational videos, complete with a system for efficient production.

  6. Full-Service Marketing Function: We build a lean, revenue-focused marketing mechanism from scratch, tailor-made for your business.

  7. Media Branding: We drive organic growth by shaping your media presence to reflect your brand's identity and mission.

  8. Brand & Graphic Design: We manifest your brand's essence through captivating visuals and compelling design.

  9. Paid Advertising: We utilize efficient paid advertising strategies to generate demand and capture customer interest.

  10. Website Design/Redesign: We optimize your online footprint with a website that mirrors your brand and engages your audience.

  11. SEO Optimization: We enhance your website's visibility on search engines to attract organic, relevant traffic.

  12. Content Strategy & Development: We devise and implement a content strategy that amplifies your brand voice and engages your audience.

  13. Social Media Marketing: We build and manage your brand's presence across social media platforms, fostering a direct connection with your audience.

  14. Conversion Rate Optimization: We fine-tune your marketing assets to increase visitor-to-customer conversions.

  15. Market Research: We provide insights into your market and audience, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

  16. Analytics and Reporting: We monitor, analyze, and report on your marketing performance, offering actionable insights for future strategies.

  17. Customer Journey Mapping: We outline and optimize your customer journey, ensuring a smooth path from initial contact to final purchase.

  18. Influencer Marketing: We align you with influential figures in your industry, broadening your brand reach and credibility.

  19. Event Marketing: We plan and execute impactful events that promote your brand and facilitate deeper connections with your audience.

  20. Loyalty Program Development: We design and manage customer loyalty programs that foster repeat business and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, our aim is to give you exactly what you need to grow. Whether you pick one service or a mix of many, we're all about making sure your brand comes out stronger and better recognized, all while keeping it lean and focused on the revenue.

You could walk away with…

A compelling brand message that strongly resonates with your market.

A podcast featuring multiple well-known names in your industry.

Executive thought leadership development, resulting in an engaged audience and 1k+ new followers.

An email newsletter that people can't wait to open and engage with.

A library of 100+ educational videos for your team and audience, with an efficient system to produce more.

5k+ more website visitors/month who feel the problem that you solve

…or any combination of these that you choose.

But no matter what, you’ll see your vision turned into a reality and your brand recognized and celebrated. It’s time to write your success story.

Customer Highlight

“Two Marketers is highly knowledgeable on the many details of marketing, but they have also been practical and adaptive in their approach, making their expertise highly applicable to the projects we have done together.”

– Hiland Overgaard, Director of Outreach at Firebase

Our Certifications

“Two Marketers is highly knowledgeable on the many details of marketing, but they have also been practical and adaptive in their approach, making their expertise highly applicable to the projects we have done together.”

– Hiland Overgaard


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